Good Qualities Trump Skill Any Day

In 2015, I was working night security in multi-million dollar buildings in Brooklyn, NY. We had to undergo rather intensive training procedures because of the nature of the work that we were doing. Thousands of people’s lives were in our hands.

There was one fellow that worked with us who still makes me smile when I think about him. HD. He is one funny dude. He would come up with the most random things. He’d play the most silliest jokes. But as likable as a guy as he is, the dude was helpless when it came to the work of security.

One time, he called the main desk and pranked us into thinking there was someone dying in the roof lounge. We were seconds away from calling 911.

He also had this issue of letting anyone into the building during the middle of the night. Anyone who belonged in our buildings had a magnetic ID card that they could swipe and gain access. Only on rare instances would we allow someone without one of these IDs in. But HD’s method was just to let anyone in. One particular night, he was moments away from letting a person who was known to cause problems into the lobby before he was narrowly stopped.

I love HD. The guy is great. But man, he was not good at his job.

To our surprise, when he was moved back from the night crew to the day crew, they made him a permanent day deskman.


We were all shocked to say the least. All of us who had worked with him and had saved his skin on multiple occasions from making huge mistakes couldn’t believe that he of all people was allowed to be a daytime deskman.

My thinking was corrected by my own chat with him.

Me: “So, uh, HD, how do you feel about being a deskman?”

HD: “It’s a privilege, I don’t deserve it.”

That’s when it dawned on me: HD might not have been the most skilled or well-trained. But the dude was humble. You can train a person how to do just about everything. It might take some men longer to learn things than others. But there wasn’t anyone in this world who was more humble than HD.

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  1. January 23, 2018

    Of course, that was before you met me. Then you really got to see what humble looks like.

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